What does Responsive mean?

Simply put, it means a website that adjusts to fit the screen it’s being displayed on. This also means that things like menus and images are condensed to fit and work better on a tablet or mobile phone.

Why is it important to have a responsive website?

As of October 2016, 51% of web users in the US and UK are accessing websites on a mobile device. That means over half of your audience and potential audience will be looking at your website on their phone or tablet!

Additionally, in the summer of 2016 Google reconfigured their search algorithm so websites that were not mobile-friendly would stop showing up in the higher search results. This was a huge blow to companies that weren’t prepared. Google revealed that more searches through its engine are being conducted via mobile platforms than on desktop as of May 2015.

So if it’s time for an update or a re-build, make sure you’re web designer offers responsive and mobile-friendly sites! All websites by Dark Matter Designs are built responsive at no extra charge to you.