About Us

The business frontier is like an ocean: endless, over-saturated and full of bigger fish trying to eat you. It takes something special to draw steady breath, especially if you’re a small business, a tiny raft barely afloat, and there’s nothing you can do.

Well, there is one thing…

You’re gonna need a bigger boat, and we can help you build it. If customers are helicopters in this ocean metaphor then you must make yourself and your craft so bright and beautiful and interesting that people flock to rescue you, that’s where we can help.

We are a talented team of human people with a combined total of twenty years of professional experience in marketing, graphic design, web development, branding, multimedia and more.

As pioneers of weird we can help you deliver some unique and interesting branding, provide you with an incredibly custom and professional website, we can help you accurately reach your demographic and better understand how to engage with customers more effectively in the long-run. All this and much much more.

Drop us a message, and help us turn your raft into a cruise ship.

UK based, serving clients all over the world.