Completely Custom Websites

We don’t skimp on the details – every website built from scratch, exactly how you want.

Logo Design

Custom-made unlimited resolution logo for any business, project or event. Get yourself noticed.

Full Color Posters

High quality, high resolution promotional materials for any occasion, full colour, web and print-ready.

Sometimes businesses and projects are like a good cup of coffee: you can use the freshest, most flavoursome beans, you can have the frothiest of froth and sweet syrups galore, but you find what people care about is taking pictures of the cup. Don’t let your identity hold you back, nobody will drink from a dull cup.

We’ll work with you to enliven your business. A new logo, slogan, some snazzy jazzy web graphics or even a few punchy taglines can really make a difference, or if you’re feeling crazy, rely on us to give your brand a total overhaul. Not sold? Check our services pages to see what we can do.

Technophile or technophobe, there’s no denying the presence of the internet and its scope. The world wide web isn’t just bad haircuts, IT salespeople and cults any more, it’s a place to do real business, so get yourself one of our beautiful custom websites to give you that competitive edge in the endless digital void. They’re fully responsive (they work on mobile devices!), spam-free and secure. We’ll even work with you to maintain the site, boost your ranking on search engines and they start at just £250? What an absolute steal!

Already have a website you know and love? Why not check out our content or maintenance packages to give you that little extra peace of mind.

As Shakespeare once said ‘all my plays were in actuality written by the team at Dark Matter Designs’. Need I say more? Well yes in fact I think I do, since we don’t only write plays. Regardless of your business or project, if you need something written, from a re-write of War and Peace using only words that start with the letter W, to a seemingly endless list of product descriptions, or maybe you would like us to ghost-write something for you, we can do it all. Need a few fun posts to boost your social media? We got you covered. Got an idea you want help fleshing out (ideation analytics)? Send it our way. Worried some of your writing is unreadable or too complex? We’ll sort it out.

You’ve got everything you need to make that dream game. You have got an idea, you have bought the software, you have started some levels, you have… well, that’s about it. Never fear! With a team extensively skilled in pixel art, character design, level design, sounds design, narrative design, all the designs, we can help you with building an extensive base of assets from which to make a real start to your game. We’ve got many years of combined experience in the gaming industry as consumers and as developers, and have worked anonymously on several popular indie titles. If you think you have the next Minecraft on your hands, get in touch and let us help you make it real.

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